Professional photon collagen beauty machine led red light therapy bed

Professional photon collagen beauty machine led red light therapy bed

  • Model NO.: GY-W4L
  • Minimum order quantity:1 piece
  • Accept Min order:Yes
  • Supply Ability:100 piece / Month
  • Country of Origin:Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province
  • Stock Time:30 Days
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Brief Introduction:


Depend on the different wavelength combinations, red light therapy works and it is not only specified to skin beauty and fat loss, but also muscle healing or bone repair, even for the disorders and infections. Because this can be more effective in several other health complications. It is important to be known on which principles or rules this therapy is based on, because this will let everyone efficiency, working and results of light therapy. Red light therapy machine is low level energy light to relaxation and strengthen blood capillary, which also can promote blood circulation, oxygen and increase to accelerate the detoxification effect. It is mainly used for subcutaneous tissue cell mitochondria, efficient biological photochemistry reaction, enzymatic reactions, activation of mitochondrial cytochrome oxide enzyme C, producing more energy to accelerate DNA, RNA synthesis, especially fiber cells, in tissue repair.


Specific wavelengths combination have different penetration ability and benefits. 660+850nm can use for pain relief, muscle healing and bone repair. 635nm+infrared can use for skin beauty and visceral fat loss. With more ATP for cells to function more efficiently, to heal, regenerate and repair damage.
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We customize the Special LED with lens(best light focusing optical power ability), Special illumination system(high density led light bar, closer and direct irradiance structure) and Different functions(power adjustment, frequency adjustment, wifi remote control, etc), which is powerful enough to make the treatment effectively.
As for this kind of light therapy devices, the optical irradiance power is significant. When the optical power is not enough, it is not effective in beauty or treatment and it is equivalent to spending money to buy a product that is useless. We are specialized in these light therapy products.


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The light energy emitted by the LED bed can penetrate the skin and reach the subcutaneous fat layer. It acts on fat cells through specific wavelengths, power and frequencies. When sufficient energy is absorbed, the permeability of the fat cell membrane will change. At the same time, it causes the cell's biochemical reaction and triggers the release of lipase, which can break down triglyceride (the main ingredient of fat cells) into fatty acids and glycerol molecules. These small molecules can cross cell membranes and enter interstitial tissue. They can then participate in the body's metabolism cycle and be processed and consumed naturally. Fat cells shrink significantly, which leads to the shrinkage and removal of cellulite on a macro scale. Therefore, fat-concentrated  areas such as hips, abdomen, thighs, and arms can safely, quickly and effectively reduce fat.

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