Brief introduction of different light wavelength


Health benifits of different light wavelength and associated photosensitizers used for PDT plus

Infrared 810nm indocyanine green

·Photodynamic and photothermal effect

·Treats metastatic lesions in deep tissues as well as in bones

·Used for cancer cell imaging, as well as circulating tumor cell detection

Red 658nm Chlorin E6

·Improves blood flow and blood cell characteristic

·Actives macrophages

·Improves proliferation of lymphocytes (B- and T-cell)

·Stimulates production of immunoglobulins and cytokines

·Improves oxygenation and energy metabolism

·Improves micro-circulation

Yellow 589nm Hypericin

·Improves antioxidant enzymatic system

·Antidepressant and pain-relieving benefit

·Improves serotonin and Vitamin D production

·Improves hormonal function

Green 532nm None

·Improves function and elasticity of red blood cells

·Improves oxygenation, reduces lactic acid formation

·Reduces blood viscosity(thickness)

·Regulates mineral balance and overall homeostasis

·Increases cellular energy production

Blue 405nm Curcumin, Riboflavin

·Releases nitric oxide which dilates blood vessels, promotes cellular regeneration modulates immune system

·Lower blood pressure

·Activates telomerase with potential anti-aging benefits

·Reduces pro-inflammatory cytokines

Ultraviolet 375nm none

·Strengthens immune system and detoxifies

·Increases tissue oxygenation

·Destroys pathogens

·Improves circulation and dilates blood vessels

·Improves Vitamin D synthesis